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What is restorative justice?

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The KLÍMA+ (Climate positive) programme is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Commission.


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The Klima + project film has been introduced at CEU’s summer mediation training

Uploaded at: 2011. 07. 18.


The ’’Intertwined’ has been presented to mediation practicing, international audience for the first time.

On 9th of june dr. Borbála Fellegi, executive director of the Foresee Research Group and teacher at CEU’s two weeks mediation training screened a part of the film with English subtitles for a group of thirty six people, mostly students from the United States.

The screening inspired a heated discussion, the participants showed great interest towards the film and the topic  conflict management in schools  and provided positive feedback on the project and the film material. One of the students reckoned that implementing similar practices in american schools might even prevent tragic school shooting incidents.

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