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The KLÍMA+ (Climate positive) programme is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Commission.


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Introducing the KLIMA+ Project on the „Crime prevention compass” conference

Uploaded at: 2012. 12. 11.


Borbála Fellegi talked about Forese’s KLIMA+ Project and the role of conflict management in crime prevention and in everyday education as a roundtable member.

The audience of the two day-long conference co-organized by the Ministry of Interior and the National Police Headquarters consisted mainly of law enforcement, pedagogist and social worker professionals. The conference saw an opening greeting speech by dr.László Felkai, public administration under-secretary of the Ministry of Interior.

Foresee’s executive introduced the KLIMA+ Project on the first day of the conference, while participating in the roundtable discussion „Crime preventionand educational politics;way and means of crime prevention in education” , part of the „Youth, Pedagogy, crime prevention section”.

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