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What is restorative justice?

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The KLÍMA+ (Climate positive) programme is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Commission.


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’Interweined’ has been presented at the Civil College of Kunbábony

Uploaded at: 2011. 07. 18.


The members community developers National Development Workshop, and the brand new organization for a group of young specialists – baptized to the name of Young Developers Workshop – watched the short film as an optional program.

Despite the late start, the screening was followed by vigorous conversation and discussion amongst the participants, proposing that screenings should be held not only to student groups, but could be part of teacher meetings as well. Considering the usefulness of the film, the participants arriving from various parts of the country mentioned sensitization and example-setting, and also disussed what conflict handling examples used by adults are seen by the students at home, int he school and in public life.

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