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What is restorative justice?

Partners and Sponsors:

The KLÍMA+ (Climate positive) programme is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Commission.


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About the film


Community Conflict Management in the school 

The 27 minute film created within the programme targets secondary school students essentially, with the most important aim of supporting the responsiveness to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with audiovisual tools. The above is realised primarily through the demonstration of the fundamental principles of ADR in educational situations, moreover, the film also cites a non-violent resolution of a specific in-school case, presenting the steps, methods and tools applied in the process. We intend to make the audience think and reflect on their own conflict resolution practices: to re-enforce their positive practices and to face ‘violent’ dispute resolution routines either applied or sustained by them.

The film is presented by trained moderator pairs in the frame of a film and discussion workshop, through a pre-defined theme.

Why is the film illustration effective?

  • visual information helps to activate the participants,
  • facilitates reflections and the exchange of opinions,
  • fosters the identification with the topic through the situations shown,
  • clarifies the topic of the discussion, the comprehension of the questions directed towards the topic and the concept shown,
  • enables the analysis of metacommunicational tools (gestures, mimics, intonation, accentuation, interval) discovered in the film, thus enhancing the comprehension of the conflicts,
  • the positive dispute resolution example shown in the film leaves an imprint in the receivers, the example can be cited easier in future situations of conflict.

The performers of the film are the students of Tanext Academy, the educational support professionals and teachers working with them and the experts of KLIMA+. The film was directed by Mária Takács.

We are glad if the film is showed by many people, in many countries, for many viewers. This is exactly the way in which wide dissemination and awareness-raising can be realised.
Anyone can see and use the film free of charge. The only request we would like to ask from those showing the film to others is to mention that the film was produced by the Hungarian Foresee Research Group .
Thank you!

The film can be downloaded from here.