Climate Positive

What is restorative justice?

Partners and Sponsors:

The KLÍMA+ (Climate positive) programme is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Commission.


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Our partners

KLIMA+ has been realised with the cooperation of nine organisations:

  • Foresee Research Group Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd.
  • AVITA Nonprofit Ltd.
  • INDIT Public Foundation
  • TANEXT Academy
  • KON-TIKI Public Benefit Co. Ltd.
  • Zöld Kakas Lyceum
  • Civil Művek Public Education Association
  • Janikovszky Éva Primary and Secondary Grammar School
  • MISZME Hungarian Educational Social Workers’ Association

The following descriptions have been designed to provide you with the basic information on the partners participating in the program.

The worksheet containing the project tasks assigned to the members of the consortia can be downloaded from here.

Members of the professional team and their project tasks:

dr. Éva Győrfi – project leader

dr. Eszter Balogh- mediator, facilitator

Gabriella Benedek – training leader

dr. Borbála Fellegi – consultant, advisor

Anita Erdész – communication, PR, dissemination

Szilvia Süki-Szíjjártó – field coordinator

dr. András Krémer – expert, mediator

Mária Takács – film director (film, dissemination)

Eszter Posch – financial administration, documentation

Foresee Research Group Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. – interdisciplinary think tank of young professionals. The focus of its research and projects is the promotion of alternative dispute management methods and practices as well as the integration of marginalised social groups.

The training, program development, advisory, research and networking activities of Foresee Research Group are aimed to decrease social inequalities. Moreover, Foresee strives to promote alternative methods and theories applying to conflict resolution, the fight against social exclusion, reducing social prejudices and endorsing processes that provide equal opportunities to marginalized social strata.     

As the leader of the consortia of KLIMA+, Foresee Research Group is responsible for the professional, technical and administrative leadership of the project as well as the communication and dissemination tasks.

During the project Foresee aims to develop a successful pilot program, to realise a film and educational material to be disseminated even on an international level, and the support of professional network development.


AVITA Nonprofit Ltd.

INDIT Integrated Drug Therapy Institute Public Foundation -  offers complex solutions for patients suffering from illnesses caused by legal and illegal psychoactive substances and behavioural addictions, ranging from prevention to acute treatment and re-socialization through rehabilitation, nurturing the considerations of moderatingmaleficence and the philosophy of realistic culture.


TANEXT Academy — 

KON-TIKI Public Benefit Nonprofit Co. Ltd.

Zöld Kakas Lyceum Vocational School Foundation —  founded for students, who had been unsuccessful in other secondary schools despite the fact that their skills enable them to finish high school and even consider further education. Students at Zöld Kakas Lyceum are supported by individual educational programs, personal support, facultative opportunities, experience based educational situations, specific educational methods and subjects.

Civil Művek Public Education Association — the association was founded in 2007 by writers, film industry professionals, social science researchers, actors and teachers. The mission of the civil organisation is to strengthen the civil sphere and self-developing social groups, and make them visible in artistic written, oral, audio and visual forms.  

Janikovszky Éva Primary and Secondary Grammar School – they aim to educate their students through artistic activities (drama, fine arts, music and dance) as to attain a more profound self-recognition, the development of communication, team work and think tank skills. The first secondary education class started in September 2008. More and more students choose art education for their secondary level as well, therefore a comprehensive, 12 year educational model was successfully implemented in accordance with the original pedagogical concept.

MISZME (Hungarian Educational Social Workers’ Association) – aims to improve the status of children and adolescents through the expansion of educational social work, to provide a scientific, professional and lobby basis for educational social workers present in public educational institutions as well as to create a legal background for the educational social work.